Useful links and resources

Access solutions and Mailing Lists

Samplitude Access

Reaper Accessibility


Pro Tools Access Group, Google!forum/ptaccess

Flow Tools: Pro Tools Access
Mac only. An add on to Pro Tools to aid voiceover access.

KK Access

RME Access
Accessability solution for TotalMix software for RME products.

Snowman scripts
JAWS Scripts for Reaper, Sound Forge Pro and Sound Forge Audio Studio v4 to v16.

Learning Resources

Samplitude Access: YouTube channel
A variety of video and audio based tutorials aimed at the visually impaired.

Kraznet: YouTube channel
(Not specifically for VIs, but useful)
All things Samplitude...

Waves: video tutorials
A helpful series of videos on Waves plug ins and general techniques.

Sage Audio
A useful series of blog articles on all matters pro audio.

DPA: Microphone Dictionary
A useful resource when you're unsure of terminology relating to microphones.

Sound Devices: audio recording calculator
A useful resource to help you find out how big a given audio file would be.

Focusrite: Optimising your PC for Audio on Windows 10
A useful resource to help you make the most of your PC.

Sound on Sound
An amazing resource of reviews, technical articles and advice.

Industry Resources, VI relevant

Blind Producers and Accessible Digital Audio Production
Some useful careers advice, though the project seems to have folded.

Software and hardware manufacturers

Magix: Samplitude and Sound Forge


Avid: Pro Tools
Mac only for an accessible version.

Logic Pro
Mac only, access with VoiceOver

UK Telephone: 01494 462246

Plug ins


Production Music

Audio Network

Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects

Boon Library


Digital Village

Funky Junk

GAC Pro Audio

Gear for Music

Red Dog Music

Studio Spares