About Us

Clear Voice Enterprises is the amalgamation of Clear Voice Media and Clear Voice Books. It was decided to bring the aims of the two companies into line under the one roof.

Clear Voice Enterprises is a user led, not-for-profit organisation whose core aim is to improve access to literature and information for the print disabled community. We have a range of expertise, skills and services to facilitate us in this cause.

The addition of a research and development section to the organisation will allow us to look at developing solutions to access issues not previously considered. We are also hopeful that it will lead to relationship building with academic institutions as well as other external disability groups.


Print disabled
A print-disabled person is anyone for whom a visual, cognitive or physical disability hinders the ability to read print. This includes all visual impairments, dyslexia, and any physical disabilities that prevent the handling of a physical copy of a print publication. (As defined by the CLA under the terms of the Print Disabled Licence).
At present authors born 1945 or after.
Authors whose first language is not English and therefore whose works are translated; or authors who write in English but live in non-English speaking countries.
Text to speech
The transcription of print material into audio through software and synthesised speech.