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Welcome to Clear Voice Enterprises - bringing the world to your ears!

Clear Voice Enterprises is a user led, not-for-profit organisation that specialises in the production of high quality spoken word audio.

Our services include:

  • Podcast production
  • Audio editing and post production
  • Audio book production

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September 2022

Latest episode of Disability Arts Online, Disability And podcast in production

A special live recording at the Unlimited Festival 2022 recorded in the Royal Festival Hall in production. Due to be published week of the 19th September.

CVE produce pilot episode of the Time Banking UK podcast

Time Banking UK and CVE have got together to produce a series of podcasts on Time Banking and the very human stories that are illustrated through the idea of giving and taking. Further information on Time Bank UK can be found on their website at:

May 2022

The Disability And podcast finds a new partner and reaches it's third anniversary!

Disability Arts Online welcom onboard Mind the Gap as their new partners for the Disability And podcast at the start of the third year of the podcast. Please visit the Disability Arts Online website at: for the current and previous issues of the podcast.